Remote System Monitoring

INTRODUCING - Affordable Remote Technical Support Services!

Solving problems with your digital cinema systems when they arise can be dramatically improved with remote access over the internet. Many of our customers are in far too distant locations for us to simply “drop in” to rectify a problem. Remote diagnostics can provide a significant saving by being able to resolve issues remotely, or at the very least confirm the exact repair parts needed before dispatching a technician.

Tailored for our customers that don’t want the ongoing expense of full time monitoring, Cinematronix has developed a program to provide remote diagnostics on an “As Needed” basis. We simply need a PC in your cinema that is connected to your digital cinema network and to the internet. We configure a small dedicated computer, provided by the customer or Cinematronix, that can be engaged as needed to troubleshoot your system.

For a one time setup fee and a very modest annual subscription, we can provide experienced technical support when you need it.

Provided By Cinematronix

Optional Extra Services

Periodial System Health Reports, including xenon lamp life, cooling system,  internal temperatures and power supply voltages.

Please contact us for additional information.
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