Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

Cinematronix has a selection of commercial cinema equipment now available for rent. We have solutions suitable for professional movie presentations in larger venues and for production services. Projectors and accessories capable of cinema quality presentations are now available for rent from locations in BC and Ontario.

With projectors able to light up a small screen all the way up to 70 feet wide, in 2K or 4K resolution, and fully DCI compliant playback hardware, we can provide the complete cinema viewing experience.

Large Venue Presentations

Our most powerful projector, the Christie Digital CP4220, can fully illuminate large screens to meet cinema standards. We can also integrate the audio to patch into house or rental sound systems. This projector can utilize 3D display systems, we’d be happy to discuss the possibilities and options with you.


Please contact your nearest Cinematronix location for equipment availability.

Rental Selection

Our selection of digital cinema equipment available to rent:

  • Christie CP4220 DLP 4K Projector
  • Christie CP2215 DLP 2K Projector
  • Assorted Lens Selection
  • Projector Pedestal
  • Dolby DCP2000 Content Server
  • Dolby ShowVault / IMB Server
  • Christie IMB / NAS Storage
  • Dolby CP750 Sound Processor
  • Christie PRO AV Scaler w/Audio
  • Cinema Speakers & Amplifiers
  • Screens (Limited Selection)
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